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Shiatsu is an ancient oriental healing system whichwas brought to the UK in the 1970s by students of the Zen Shiatsu Master Shizuto Masunaga. 

We usually treat on the floor on a futon and through clothing but it can be adapted for a massage couch or chair. We use relaxed bodyweight to apply pressure, stretches and joint rotations with palms, fingers and thumbs.

We vary the physicality of the treatment according to each person's Ki. We diagnose from the Hara (belly) which is our 'map' of the body, showing us which areas need balancing or tonifying.

What have Clients said about this treatment?

"Shiatsu makes me feel grounded, calm, energised, whole, peaceful and connected. For me it works on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. I find that Shiatsu brings me together if I am feeling scattered or overworked, it also helps me to relax in a way that other modalities sometimes lack. I never feel quite so happy when I go and see a chiropractor for instance. This is not disrespectful to those practitioners, simply that a cosy futon is far more appealing than a rigid chair with strange instruments!

I know that I have been away from shiatsu for far too long when my old back injury plays up. Regular shiatsu is fantastic as it is similar to booking a course of meditation mixed with yoga in that you just feel fantastic."  - M. Lewes.

"When I first started receiving treatment I remember not really expecting things like you to step on my feet or bouncing my legs up and down and the shock of it made me really struggle to stop laughing.  I also remember it hurting a lot.

As I had more treatments and my symptoms lessened, the treatments were less painful and I don't really notice this at all now.

I find the treatments very relaxing, left with a feeling of being balanced on leaving."  - L. Horsham.

"My favourite things about your treatments are the calm atmosphere and relaxing effect of being touched and manipulated.  I think the calm feeling is due to the pleasant room and your own peaceful persona.  I always enjoy therapies that involve touch (shiatsu, reflexology, massage, osteopathy) and can feel the tension in my muscles melting away.  Although I am generally a person who is always "on the go" and I find it hard to relax for more than a few minutes at home, under your expert touch I always feel immediately relaxed and it's very easy to stay still for the hour except to move when instructed!
Another good thing, which brings me back for more, is that I don't feel worse a few hours later or the next day, which since having fibromyalgia I have found to be the case with some other treatments.  They may be lovely at the time, but it's no use if they have no effect or a bad effect in the medium or long term.  I always leave you with a sense of physical, and perhaps to a lesser extent mental and emotional, wellbeing, at the same time

I have fibromyalgia, which means I bruise easily and need a very light touch (which is a shame really as I enjoy firm pressure, but obviously can't take it!) This is another advantage of coming to you for treatment as you know me well now and have been able to adapt to my needs.  Also we can always start chatting pretty much where we left off a few months before, and I'm sure I would benefit from coming say every couple of months." -
A. Brighton.