This is a lovely way to relax with someone you care about - partners, family, friends.

Double Shiatsu involves two futons placed next to each other with two Practitioners working. 

In this busy life, we often run parallel with people we are in relationships with. This is a gentle way of reconnecting and being together in the here and now. 


".....My first experience was a couples' treatment with my Husband. I have to say it was a weird experience at first. I didn't know how to be comfortable. I didn't know if I should close my eyes. I kept them open and looked around because I was a little bit afraid I'd fall asleep if I shut them. The massage itself was lovely enough to keep both T and I continuing the treatments every so often. I enjoy the couples' treatments just as much as the one-on-one sessions. The couples' treatments are a great way to get on the same wavelength for the rest of the day. We both share in something relaxing and are able to take that with us into the rest of the day, however we end up spending it. The individual sessions are good too and can be a respite in the middle of the busy activities of life. It serves as a reminder to remember to take care of my physical well being just as much as my mental well being.

During the treatments my mind wanders. It always does that and it would be nice to just shut things off and enjoy the massage itself, but perhaps part of the treatment is the mental journey my mind takes through different worries, concerns, hopes, observations, plans, etc. The soothing feeling of the massage will eventually bring me into the present, but it takes a while sometimes."

R. Brighton.